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In accordance with CDC recommendations and NYS Public health, individuals who are fully vaccinated are not required to wear masks while on HHYC premises.

    • We respect each individual’s choice to wear a mask.
    • If a member/guest is not feeling well, they should not come to the club out of respect for the safety of others.
    • All unvaccinated members and guests must wear a mask when on HHYC grounds or in the building, except when eating or drinking. If you’re eating or drinking, you must be seated.
    • All members and their guests should be prepared to provide documentation that they are immunized, if asked. If they are unable to provide documentation they must adhere to the guidelines for unvaccinated members.

Accepted forms of documentation –

1. CDC immunization card


2. Photo copy of your CDC immunization card


3. Copy of your immunization record from your primary care provider with providers signature and name of practice.


Seating has been set up to maintain appropriate distancing. Please do not move any of the furniture in the sunroom, dining room or bar.

    • Bar seating is limited to approximately 14. -NO STANDING-
    • Sunroom seating is approximately 7.
    • Dining room is approximately 30.

For those who are coming into the bar to order drinks for outdoors, there is a designated area to place your order.

Bartender may have to limit access to the bar as needed.

All above information applies to visitors and visiting boats.

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