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Combined HHYC/HHWSP Calendar

Upcoming events

    • 06/25/2019
    • 09/24/2019
    • 14 sessions
    • HHYC

    HHYC Typhoon Races

    • 07/07/2019
    • 09/29/2019
    • 13 sessions
    • HHYC

    Fleet 225 Sunday Races

    • 08/21/2019
    • 08/25/2019
    • Rochester, NY

    J/24 National Championship - Rochester, NY


    • 08/22/2019
    • HHYC

    • 08/23/2019
    • 6:00 PM
    • HHYC

    • 08/24/2019
    • 8:00 AM
    • Henderson Harbor Yacht Club

    Don’t end up on the Dark Side of the Duck! The Duck Island race is HHYC’s long distance race. There were many years when the best sailors amongst us have been stuck on the Dark Side of the Duck. Keeping this in mind, HHYC has tried to make the Duck more civilized. We have developed Plans B, C, and D just in case the wind is blowing the Duck off the pond, or well you know…the dark side thing again. We will follow up our race with a Cook Your Own Steak Dinner followed by awards.

    • Skippers Meeting: 8:00 A.M.
    • Start: 9:00 A. M.
    • Course: Starting in Henderson Harbor, heading west in Lake Ontario, around Duck Island and green buoy "M9", then return to Henderson Harbor.   No course changes are to be expected for light winds.
    • Registration Fee: $20 U.S.
    The race will be open to all participants.

    • 08/27/2019
    • 6:30 PM
    • HHYC

    Hosts: Art and Nancy Bronstein

    • 08/30/2019
    • 6:00 PM
    • HHYC

    • 08/31/2019
    • 9:30 AM
    • Henderson Harbor Yacht Club
    Registration is closed

    It’s time for the Women of the Club to unite! 

    Join us for the fun and competition of the Women’s Challenge Cup. The format for the races this year will be a white-sails medium course race in the Typhoon one design fleet. The Typhoons are a fun, easy to sail boat that have rapidly grown in popularity at HHYC. 

    There are two series of races presently scheduled for this year. The skipper must be female. Trophies will be awarded for the winner and the best crew! Remember, the skipper is always right! 

    • Skippers Meeting: 9:30 A.M. 
    • Start: 10:30 A.M. 
    • Course: t.b.d. 

    The Race will be open to all HHYC participants. 

    • 09/01/2019
    • HHYC

    • 09/06/2019
    • 7:00 PM
    • HHYC

    • 09/14/2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • Henderson Harbor Yacht Club

    The Henderson Harbor Yacht Club and the Crescent Yacht Club host the Summerville Memorial on alternate years. Skip Summerville was an avid racer on the eastern shore, competing with his J35 "Summerwind". Skip was instrumental in bringing US Sailing to Association Island and worked tirelessly to advise and oversee its reality for Eastern Lake Ontario leading up to the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. At the Olympics, Skip and his wife Jan worked at the Olympic venue in  the sail measurement assignment, and their daughter Jessie was named Chairman of the Tornado Class Trials.

    In 2019 the regatta will be hosted at HHYC on September 7th. We are hoping you will go and race with members of the HHYC and CYC.

    The race will consist of three course-races with an awards dinner to follow. Remember that the Summerville Regatta is the third race in the three race series that will determine the Eastern Shore Boat of the Year. In order to be eligible to win this great honor, you must race your boat in all three Eastern Lake races, which include:

    • Crescent Cup
    • Duck Island
    • Skip Summerville Memorial Regatta

    Registration fee: $20 U.S.

    Skippers Meeting: 9:00 am
    First start: 10:00 am

    The U.S. Sailing Rules of Racing applies to all competitors.

    • 09/21/2019
    • HHYC

    • 09/21/2019
    • 1:00 PM
    • HHYC

    • 09/28/2019
    • 09/29/2019
    • Lake George

    J/24 District 7 2019 Pennant Series (Last of 5)

    • 10/13/2019
    • 9:00 AM
    • Henderson Harbor Yacht Club

    • 10/19/2019
    • HHYC

Past events

08/20/2019 Potluck Dinner
08/18/2019 Junior Awards Program
08/17/2019 Ft. Drum Fairy Outdoor Day
08/17/2019 Commodore's Cup Dinner
08/17/2019 Commodore's Cup Race
08/16/2019 Dinner by Longway's
08/16/2019 Friday Night Junior Racing
08/15/2019 Ladies Night
08/13/2019 Potluck Dinner
08/10/2019 Pickslay Ramble
08/10/2019 J/24 Pennant Series
08/10/2019 Raft Party/Movie Night Saturday
08/09/2019 HHYC Board meeting
08/09/2019 Dinner by Longway's
08/09/2019 Trident YC Visit
08/09/2019 Friday Night Junior Racing
08/09/2019 Build-a-Boat Challenge
08/08/2019 Long Distance Sail and Overnight
08/06/2019 Potluck Dinner
08/03/2019 Dinner by Longway's
08/02/2019 Jefferson County Hospice Regatta
08/02/2019 Junior Hospice Regatta (tentative)
07/30/2019 Potluck Dinner
07/27/2019 Take a Social Member Sailing Day
07/26/2019 Dinner by Longway's
07/26/2019 J/24 Pennant Series
07/26/2019 Harborfest/Sail Oswego
07/26/2019 Friday Night Junior Racing
07/25/2019 Junior Olympics (tentative)
07/25/2019 Men's Night
07/23/2019 Potluck Dinner
07/21/2019 Lightning Districts at Chaumont (NOW AT HHYC)
07/20/2019 Women's Challenge
07/20/2019 CanAm Festival
07/20/2019 HHWSP Auction and Gala
07/20/2019 HHWSP Dinner/Auction Saturday
07/19/2019 HHYC Board Meeting
07/19/2019 Dinner by Longway's
07/19/2019 Friday Night Junior Racing
07/18/2019 Ladies Night
07/16/2019 Potluck Dinner
07/13/2019 Dinner by Longway's
07/11/2019 EYC Regatta
07/09/2019 Potluck Dinner
07/08/2019 6 week Sail Program
07/08/2019 3 week Swimming Program
07/07/2019 Parent Orientation
07/06/2019 Crescent Cup (POSTPONED)
07/06/2019 Adams Cheese Festival
07/05/2019 Dinner by Longway's
07/04/2019 July 4th Picnic
07/02/2019 Potluck Dinner
06/29/2019 Keg Classic Races
06/29/2019 Keuka Champagne Lightning Regatta
06/29/2019 Italian Dinner/Wine Tasting Saturday
06/28/2019 Dinner by Longway's
06/28/2019 NYS Safe Boating 2 day
06/27/2019 Men's Night
06/25/2019 Potluck Dinner
06/24/2019 PreSeason Sailing
06/22/2019 Charlie Bangs Memorial Race
06/22/2019 Community Try Sailing Day (tentative)
06/22/2019 Irish Dinner/Solstice Celebration
06/21/2019 Dinner by Longway's
06/20/2019 Ladies Night
06/18/2019 Potluck Dinner
06/17/2019 Work and Set Up Days
06/16/2019 Father’s Day Breakfast
06/15/2019 New Member Cocktail Party
06/15/2019 Blessing Of the Fleet
06/15/2019 Cazenovia Lightning Regatta
06/14/2019 HHYC Board meeting
06/14/2019 Dinner by Longway's
06/11/2019 Potluck Dinner
06/07/2019 Dinner by Longway's
06/04/2019 First Potluck Dinner
06/01/2019 J/24 Pennant Series
05/31/2019 Dinner by Longway's
05/27/2019 Henderson Memorial Day Parade
05/26/2019 Memorial Day Picnic
05/18/2019 Spring Work Day
05/09/2019 HHYC Board meeting
05/04/2019 JDaze - J/24 Pennant Series
04/27/2019 Adams Arbor Day Festival
04/27/2019 Spring Fling
04/11/2019 HHYC Board meeting
03/14/2019 HHYC Board meeting
03/08/2019 Watertown Outdoor Expo
10/11/2018 HHYC Board Meeting
10/07/2018 Laser Regatta
09/22/2018 Annual Meeting
09/02/2018 Lightning Racing
09/01/2018 Typhoon Racing
08/25/2018 Duck Island Race
08/11/2018 Pickslay Ramble
08/10/2018 Friday Dinner

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